JpGU2016 宇宙天気セッション講演募集のお知らせ

2016年01月30日 17:21
(P-EM04: Space Weather, Space Climate, and VarSITI)
決定している招待講演者(ver. 2016/1/30):
Antti Pulkkinen (NASA/GSFC) GIC and power grids/space weather forecasting for NASA missions
Alphonse Sterling (NASA/MSFC) Solar physics and space weather 
Steven Clarke (NASA/HQ) General heliophysics and space weather, programmatics
Michael Hesse (NASA/GSFC) General heliophysics and space weather, science
Jon Linker (Predictive Sciences) Solar and heliospheric modeling of space weather
Tom Berger (NOAA/SWPC) Space weather forecast
Yusuke Ebihara (RISH, Kyoto U.) Aurora breakup and space weather
Kanya Kusano (ISEE, Nagoya U.) Challenge of PSTEP (Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction)
"Past, Present, and Future of Solar-Terrestrial Environment" is the keynote of this session. We share the latest scientific papers to understand how the solar-terrestrial environment changes in various time scales, and discuss the necessary international collaboration projects associated with VarSITI. More specifically, welcomed papers include space climate studies using tree rings and ice cores, cutting-edge observational and modeling studies of geospace, heliosphere and the sun, simulational or statistical studies to predict the future space weather and space climate. This session cooperates with Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP) supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas from MEXT/Japan.
R. Kataoka(代表), A. Pulkkinen(AGU), Y. Ebihara, Y. Miyoshi, T. Shimizu, A. Asai, H. Jin, T. Sato, 
K. Kusano, H. Miyahara, K. Itoh, K. Shiokawa, T. Nakamura, S. Yoden, K. Ichimoto, M. Ishii